CheckerPlayer 1.4.3 Released!

CheckerPlayer 1.4.3 is out, it’s free and it’s available here:

New features and improvements include:

Click-to-move is now available.
Video export facility with adjustable size and font.
Improved opening book for ZoeEngine.
Opening classifications.
Improved memory footprint.
Improved time control management.
Additional board and piece styles.
Choice of board backgrounds.
2-move “barred” openings.
Improved DTW performance.
Minor text and display improvements.
Engine matches now default to blindfold mode.
Opening book default set to Best.
Sound effects default to off.
Ctrl+mousewheel adjusts the font size.

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CheckerPlayer 1.3.0 available now!

Pleased to announce an update to CheckerPlayer (version 1.3.0) with some handy new features and improvements.

  • Game editor for easy corrections to game scores. This makes editing and correcting database games much easier as you can now edit the game as plain text.
  • Ability to open multiple PDN files at once, so if you have a bunch of PDN files to load into the database, you can do them all in one go.
  • Enhanced pasting of games from web pages. You can now paste entire web pages and CheckerPlayer will extract the games.
  • Recover previous games. If you’ve had a long session and you want to go back to a game that you had in front of you earlier, you can now cycle through all of the viewed games in that session. You can also get a list of all the viewed games and retrieve a game from there.
  • No more waiting for piece animations to finish. If you have animations switched on, you can make your move while the animation is still happening.
  • “How to Move and Jump” help panel. For newcomers to CheckerPlayer, a simple help page showing how to drag the pieces.
  • Minor improvements to the interface.
  • Database performance improvement. No more long delays when selecting all database games (blame Microsoft for that one, not me.)
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EnigmaZone Finished

EnigmaZone is finally complete! It’s all free and you can download from the Microsoft Store.

This simulator of the Enigma Machine (which you can also use to crack real messages from WWII) has been a while in the making. Like all of my projects it started with an interest, then an attempt to get something working, and then developed into a bit of an obsession until I felt I’d programmed the life out of it.

Download here (Microsoft Store)

Anyway I hope you like it and you can read all about it on the EnigmaZone page.

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